July 14, 2024

Roulette Bets

 It’s the age of online gambling. Online casinos (net casinos) are casinos that can be played on the Internet, using real-world devices such as PCs and smartphones, without having to go to the store, anytime, anywhere, like a real land casino. You can enjoy gambling. Of course, since it is gambling, you can refund the winnings and cash them, and you will not return the lost ones at your own risk.

Although it is gambling that is rarely heard in Japan, it is said that it is so popular that it can be used in TV commercials overseas, and it is said that the number of people playing it exceeds 40 million.

Isn’t online casino illegal? Won’t you get caught?

It’s no wonder that you want to know about this. It is natural that it is hard to get out of the way if the suspicion is not dispelled. First of all, I will explain that point with reference to past cases. First of all, as a major premise, major online casinos are operated after strict standards have been met, with gambling being licensed by the legal government and autonomous regions.

Of course, it is also legal to actually operate it, so there is no illegality in online casino operators. If you look at this, you can think that “online casino is dangerous But wait a moment. There is a continuation of this case. In fact, some players did not admit that online casino play was illegal and showed the attitude of rigorously fighting at the court, and as a result, they won the indictment (innocent).

For more information, is online casino illegal or legal? If you look at the detailed page, you can get a deeper understanding of the history of this case, but roughly speaking, there is almost no arrest or arrest of players just because you played an online casino is. Under the current law where the legal arrangements have not caught up, it would be unwilling to imitate the prosecutor’s attention to a case that was purposely “not prosecuted” once, and if there was a case of this kind in the first place, this “not prosecution” It seems unlikely that the prosecution’s decision will be overturned.


From the above, we conclude that online casinos are gambling in the gray zone, which is as close to white as possible, and there is no problem in playing unless there is a great deal. This is my personal opinion, so if you are still worried, you may be able to eliminate that concern by reading the next section, “Online casino management’s view.”

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