July 14, 2024

Gambling is a point that has always been remained a hot topic worldwide. Many countries and people are in the favor of gambling. But at the same time, we can also see a large number of people counting a lot of reason against it. In this article, we will get to know some of the common reasons for which people do not consider it useful both for the people and society.


One of the essential reasons against gambling is harm to morality. People say that the individual who gambles loses his righteousness to a large extent. Such individuals are thought to be involved not just in gambling but also in many other corrupt and immoral activities and most of the time; it proves to be true. To fulfill the need for gambling many a time they steal, snatch and borrow the money. And when they lose it, they drink too much to forget all the bad feeling of losing.

Loss of money

As we discussed a move too, and as by the definition of gambling, there is no certainty of winning and most of the time, people lose the money. Once they lose money, they want to play more to bring back the lost money. In this attempt, they lose more money, and with the same repeating occurrence, they have to lose a significant amount of money which affects the lives of not just one person but many people also who are connected with that individual.

Loss of dignity

As we know that for gambling, people need money. And when they lose it, they need more money. Some times they arrange the money from their earning, business, and sometimes they use some other wrong means to collect the money for gambling. So not just the gambling also but some other immoral activities, done in the influence of gambling, also harm the dignity of a person. The person who never asked money from others, have to do it for the sake of betting only.

Point of dispute

It is a big point of debate. Most of the time, people who lose money beings unable to accept their loss and creates considerable disagreement. This dispute sometimes harms the lives also seriously.

Invite crimes

Gambling is associated with many crimes like snatching, theft, fighting, attacking or damaging the others and self organs of things also.

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