May 28, 2024

Poker had been started in the year of 1829 in New Orleans. At first, only four players were involved in this game. 20 cards of a deck were included in it. Later in 1850, the number of cards were being increased to 52. Now this game has become one of the popular games in every casino. Though this game is introduced in various names and various ways in the casinos. So these are the varieties ok poker games. Let us see what those one by one are.

1. Draw Poker

This card game is mainly 5 card hands game. Kansas City Low-ball, Baduci, Badugi, California split and Q-Ball are some of the games which are originated from draw poker. The game is quite simple. The player has a deal with complete hand and has to put their wagers. Player’s are allowed to eliminate any unnecessary cards and choose new cards from new hands.

2. Straight Poker

Primero and three-card brag are originated from this game. This game is unlike draw poker. Because in this game three cards are being used. The variant can play with each player with his hand. The interesting part is, the player can change their betting according to needs.

3. Stud Poker

The interesting part of this game is the combination of the hand can be changed here. This one is the oldest kind of poker game. Face up and face down both are the parts of this game. From the five-card stud variant, innovative players have made seven-card stud. Mississippi Stud poker, Razz, Kestrel, Mexican Stud are the offspring of Stud poker games.

4. Community Poker Game

From the name, it can be understood that the cards can be shown to the players. And the cards will be at the center of the Gamble table. Stud poker is the mother of this game. Incomplete hands are dealt with the cards on the table to make their hands complete. Manila, Pinatubo are some other variants that are influenced by community poker.

A lot of other poker games can be seen in different casinos of the various countries. Five-o-poker, strip poker, and most common is video poker, all are very famous nowadays. You can play these games online and offline both casinos. So, bet your money and play strategically to win all the money. I hope I can make things easier for you through this article. Thank you.

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