April 21, 2024
about playing card games

Check out some of the most curious facts about idn poker and other card games popular in the world. See if you are really fully aware of everything regarding cards and card games in this material.

Let’s face it – card games represent today’s gambling industry. Whether we are talking about an offline casino with a couple of tables for Blackjack, Omaha and Texas Hold Em or an online casino with different cool idn poker formats cards are everywhere and they are usually the sources of our gambling income.

If you are a card game lover, too, today, we’ve got a challenge for you. Can you please tell us if you knew the following top interesting facts about playing card games?

  1. The reason why the card deck is formed of 52 cards is not known yet. But the most probable and widely spread theory relates the card deck with France. As you know, different countries and within different times of the history card decks used to be composed of different numbers of cards. The French deck though has 52 cards. Why did the world choose the French alternative? Because, card games found their popularity for the first time here, in France!
  2. The symbols of the different cards are actually related with the calendar. Many years ago, with the appearance of the first cards, their unknown creators used to be not exactly of the religion types. On the contrary, they believed in astronomy and astrology. What these creators were also related with was the meaning of the calendar common for the different nations.
  3. There’s small, but hence existing information about the first card deck. Most of the historicists claim that the first card deck appeared in China. It was really long time ago – somewhere in the middle of the 9th century. Of course, they were not the same as we know the card decks today. However, there’s a theory that the first printed cards – those we know from today – are also made there, in China.
  4. The oldest card decks are not preserved. The most ancient one that can be still seen is from Netherlands and were made back in the 15th century. This card deck is available to be seen in NYC, of course in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  5. There’s monopoly in the field of cards manufacturing. It seems that these sensitive goods are given for manufacturing only to one certain company and it’s an American one. Of course, we are talking about the official cards used for casinos and legal card game rooms that involve real money.

Did you know these things about cards, card games and gambling? We bet you did not. If you can share with us some curious facts from the sphere, don’t hesitate to contact us right away!

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