May 28, 2024
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Discover how poker tells work in idn poker. Check out our guide for reading your opponents at the online poker table with an ease.

Poker is all about playing your hand in the best way by taking under considerations the rest of the hands. But knowing your opponent’s hand is possible only if you cheat, aka look at his or her cards. This is not allowed in a real ground casino. This is not possible at all in any trustworthy online idn poker platform. How to know then the best way to play a hand with the rest of the hands at the table in mind?

It’s logical – through the poker tells! Poker tells are possible to give you helpful information about your opponent: whether it is a weak or a skillful player, what cards he or she holds, how he or she is about to act in the next move. The thing is that not all the poker enthusiasts know how to use the poker tells.

The poker tell is a skill that let you read your opponent. It is a skill you improve through the years. If you are interested in this specific strategy for a more optimal online poker game, today we will introduce you the basics of reading your opponents. Read below and learn how reading an online poker player works:

  1. The speed of the reaction per player matters a lot. If you spend the time of the first hands to analyze each of the players you will see than anyone of them has his or her own speed of actions. This speed is usually the same (per player) in the opening dealing sessions. At about the fourth dealing you will see some movement of these speeds. The movement should tell you whether the player is changing the strategy or remains balanced.
  2. The amount of the increase in the calling position speaks a lot, too. And in this case we also take under consideration the possibility for a bluff. Be aware that the beginners, who are as a matter of fact, the weakest players at the table you should eliminate at first and before the pros, tend to place higher stakes in the beginning rather than in the progress of the game.
  3. Auto re-buy also tells, but you can use this way to read the player after at least the fifth session is gone. In the re-buy player reading you need to focus on both – the speed of the action and the possibility for the gambler to change the approach during the game, because some auto-rebuy options don’t allow it.

Reading the opponent at the table is like trying to adjust your hand to the hands the rest of the players. This is a piece of art that you don’t have to rush in advancing, but instead gradually improve within the years.

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